Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Salad In A Jar

Salads in a jar, something I've always wanted to try 
(and as part of my quest to eat healthy seemed like a good idea)
 so last week i did it.
It was a lot of prep work, and i told myself - NEVER again.
But in the end it was actually worth it because they tasted amazing, they were filling and we ate them throughout the week
Here's some of the ingredients i used.
I did a chicken bacon salad and a chef salad, both tasted great!

6 made.

Before eating turn it over and let the dressing seep through everything.


Hailey gave me her stamp of approval and was able to eat all of hers!

Next i want to try overnight oats....
Have you tried making a meal in jar?


Thursday, March 3, 2016


Hello and happy March!
I feel like the days and the weeks fly by, and i never have enough time to do anything!
So I thought id do a little different kind of blog post and share some of my current favorites with you,because right now i just have a lot of those.

First up
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste.
I was actually planning to use white strips but in the past my teeth have been pretty sensitive to those, so i thought id give this toothpaste a try first.
It says it starts working in 3 days....and that was the truth!
love it and love the price even more $3.96 
thank you walmart.

Next up the 
Urban Decay 24/7 concealer.
Now, I'm not one for buying super expensive makeup but my last concealer lasted me for years - so long that they don't even carry it anymore.
So i did my research browsed around a little and decided id try this one out and I LOVE it! It does an amazing job of covering up my scars,discoloration and any darkness under my eyes.
So even for the price of $18*shudder* for me it will be/IS worth EVERY penny!
Best concealer I've ever used and i know it will last me a long time too.
So if you feel like splurging on a concealer i Highly recommend Urban Decay

Another favorite right now is the
 Revlon volume+length mascara.
I love this one because it really works! I've used a lot of mascara throughout my life and this one for me is a keeper. Plus it doesn't go on clumpy and doesn't feel heavy on my eyelashes.

This is one of my new favorites that i got for my birthday!
It's been a couple years since Ive had a pair of Tom's the last pair i had i wore into the ground- literally there is no life left in my last pair, and since then I've been longing for a new pair.
Fast forward 2 years and i got these beauties my favorite pair of shoes!

The Shark Vacuum.
We've needed a new vacuum for a long time our last one was 7 years old!
So we got this one and it is amazing!
and moves like a dream!

Another favorite of mine lately is the
  'Santa Monica Street Taco' with cilantro lime dressing.
Try saying that 5 times fast!
Sounds like a lot of work, but it actually is a pretty easy meal, and is so delicious!

Last favorite is this little guy.
I'm loving my essential oil diffuser  and was really able to use it a lot when i got allergies!
It also changes all sorts of pretty colors.

So there you got it.
What have been some of your favorite things?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Month Of December

Happy January!
I'm sitting here on the couch, i stayed home from church because Aubrey woke up super congested, poor baby, she's had the hardest time napping today :(
So while i'm here i decided it was time to blog about December 2015
Oh what a great month it was, so busy so happy!
I'm just going to touch on the highlights of the month so enjoy this HUGE post of pictures.

So the day after thanksgiving we decided to put up our Christmas tree, its the earliest we have EVER put it up but we wanted to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible!
This year Shawn also put up lights on the outside of the house too and they were awesome!

On Dec 1st Hailey's special little elf Ellie came back to visit aka keep an eye on her!
And she brought with her on that first day a special breakfast from the north pole!

And she also brought this fun puzzle set for her as well.

We also enjoyed snow day again this year!
We got there bright and early and were able to enjoy the sledding before it started to rain!
We did however miss seeing the reindeer, i was disappointed because we miss them every year! I guess we'll try again in 11 months lol

My 2 snow babies :)

Inside they had there usual Huge room full of crafts for the kids to do.
Another room was go carts and big trikes.
There was a cake walk.
And they had a story time which was so much nicer than it was last year!

We also went back a few weeks later for Journey Through Bethlehem which is SO fun,but i didn't get any pictures from it even though we went twice! 

 Hailey was excited to see the lights at Evergreen Church that are set to music- love love love it!
This is also one of those 'rare' family photos so enjoy!

Inside they had there big train setup, free hot chocolate and cookies and we also got our picture taken as well.

Later that month we went and visited Santa!
Hailey would only see the Santa at the mall because that is the REAL Santa!

And then later that same day Hailey and I both decorated a gingerbread houses!
This year instead of putting together the main part of the house with frosting we hot glued it, which made it so much easier to decorate with frosting!
Now that is using the ole'noggin if you ask me!

Moving on to Christmas eve.
This year my sister and i decided that we'd each send each other's kids a gift to open on Christmas eve and we decided on, PJ's a movie and a treat.
Hailey was so excited to open the special Christmas eve gift from aunt Allison!
She and Aubrey got he cutest pajamas,the movie miracle on 34th street and treats to eat while we watched the movie (later that afternoon)

Shawn had to work half a day on Christmas Eve this year, so we decided to start a new tradition of going out to breakfast!
This year we tried out a little place called the Sugar Shack that we've always wanted to try and it was really good!
Shawn got he biscuits and gravy, and i will admit i am NOT a fan of biscuits and gravy, but at this place they were SO good!!

Look at that fancy hot chocolate!

Ok who see's the resemblance in these two?
EVERYONE says they look alike!

The rest of Christmas eve was spent watch movies
making and decorating cookies for Santa 
tracking Santa on the computer
and that's all remember
That night we put out cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer, read some Christmas stories and then put these 2 to bed!

Christmas DAY!
Now, i don't have a lot of pictures from Christmas day because i decided to put the phone down/camera down and just enjoy the day,  but here are a couple.
Let me tell you it was the PERFECT day.
First off the traditional Rudolph pancakes.

Then we opened presents, below is what i got Shawn, it is the softest blanket ever i tell you!
I really wish i had gotten his reaction on video it was priceless! 
I always struggle to get him something that he likes/that doesn't have to be returned but this year i got it right!

After presents i had to do some/a lot of food prep and I put Shawn in charge of the Ham.
We watched a Christmas story over and over again...because it was on tv....haha my favorite movie ever!
Then we ate, and played games and watched movies over and over until it got dark. 
It was So nice just spending quality family time ALL day!

Later that same day we met up with Owen and his family to see the Evergreen lights again, it was fun to hang out with them and catch up and was a great ending to Christmas Day!

Ok i'm going to stop here this post is super long!
But i'll be back soon!
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