Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Fun & Halloween

One Saturday we went out on our way to look at a new couch.
But little did we know........
That we would end up at the
 U-Pick Pumpkin Patch!
Such a fun thing to stumble upon on our way!
Believe me Hailey couldn't have been more excited!
(and of course i forgot my camera so these are from my phone,from now on my camera lives in the car!)

What's a pumpkin patch without a mini farmers market and Fresh produce?
LOVE it!!
On a  random note...
we spotted this very festive horse on the way home.
On Halloween we went to a couple trunk-or-treats
and then the real fun began!

Minnie Mouse and Elvis
Hailey LOVED trick-or treating door to door.
It was so fun to watch her in action!
She could of done it all night!

 And in the end we came home with a bucket full of candy - more than I expected!
Which we haven't touched.

Not sure what will happen to all that candy because we are NOT going to eat it all!
How was your Halloween?

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