Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the Season To Sew.....

So over the last month I've been doing a little sewing.
actually a lot of sewing.
I'm not going to talk....or type but let the pictures doing the talking....

Well most of the talking  ;)

Words can't describe this first dress.
I love it.

First name that came to my mind when i saw this dress 
"school girl dress"

Love the lace detail

Springtime dress

Miss Fancy Nancy

How can you go wrong with polka dots?
and a pop of red.

So who thinks i should go into business?
Just kidding!


  1. Yea, why dont you go in to business? For reals...these could sell for $30 or more, I dont know how much it costs you to make them but wow..yea..I bet some could sell for more than that..guess you have to see what people who are making similar are selling for and be competitive

  2. Wow, you are SUPER talented!! I wish I knew how to sew like that. I make my little guy bowties and wouldn't dare make one to give away because the sewing is terrible!

    You daughter is so lucky, she has her own personal designer!

  3. I LOVE the first dress! I might just have to whip one up myself. I love how easy it is to alter a girls' dress pattern to whatever I have on hand. Thanks for sharing!! -Grace @

  4. They are all lovely! I especially love the first one, so pretty.

  5. I DO!!! You are fabulous at this! Those dresses are gorgeous & I have to say the last one, polka dots w/ a touch of red, I would LOVE to have that in MY size!!! Great Job!

  6. So cute! I'm sure Hailey loves having so many cute dresses to chose from (esp because sometimes its hard to find exactly what you want in stores with the right prices!)

  7. I DO TOO!! I think it's adorable that she's so eager to pose in her outfits!


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