Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh What Do You Do On a Rainy Day?

And we've had our share of those days around here!
(with the exception of this weekend which was GORGEOUS!)
Here's a few things we've done lately to keep busy inside!

How about a little 'Hide and Seek'

watercolors never fail!
  I was asking her what her pictures were as she finished them.
For the record.....
Her words.
Not mine.
But that's one happy giant!

Pom-Pom Fun!
Tutorial HERE

A loooong indoor hopscotch

Making a weather station
Ok, so this was more of a fun one for me!
But Hailey will have so much using it!
I found it HERE

Love me some
Candy Land!

A little t.v time.....
'Can you teach my alligator manners?'

Color matching!
I did a tutorial HERE for them.

Here's an easy one!
You can check out ours HERE

So What are fun things you do with your kids when the weather is bad?

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  1. I love coming by your blog to visit. Sometimes my kids and I will make a tent in the livingroom and make a huge mess. We play dominoes, which encourages math, and we love to play Sorry. They are so great when they're young!


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