Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine Hoops

Well while I'm on a roll might as well as do 2 posts in one day because who knows when i'll get around to posting again! 
So while browsing Pinterest I came across these beauties.
Seriously, fell in love with them right away!
And so i made my own, pretty much the same.
I tell you i have embroidered since i was 10?
I don't even remember.
Thankfully it's easy and i Love how these turned out!
I used some embroidery hoops, some i had already some i got at a thrift store
and then i got some 
and buttons from Joanns

Then i started to sew.

They were all really fun to sew so finished this project in 2 days
 (probably could of done it one)

Really the picture doesn't do it justice y'all
You just have to make your own or come to my house to see them.
This is something i could see my self leaving up all year round or even incorporating into something on another wall.

1 comment :

  1. love these!!!! thanks for the inspiration. blessings~~angela


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