Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keeping Track of Baby

So i thought i would try and document my pregnancy this time around because with Hailey i did little to nothing!
First pregnancy i worked long hours so by the time i got home i was ready to eat and go to bed!
I really wish i had tracked my pregnancy better with her.
So i decided this time im going to start tracking things a little better, for memory's sake and to keep my family updated.
In Oct. i found a killer deal on a chalkboard and thought it would be a fun method of keeping track week to week. 
I was confident i would be so good at taking a picture a week, because come hard is that?!
Well,it was hard!
Here's the first week i pictured.
Week 4
How far along?  4 weeks (as of Oct.10th)
Total weight gain/loss: gained 4lb uh-oh!
Maternity clothes: Not yet
Stretch Marks:Nope 
Sleep: a lot of tossing and turning, plus i always seem to be burning up at night!
Best Moment this Week: finding out i was pregnant!
Miss Anything? being able to take medicine, i got a bad cold right after i found out :(
Food Craving: nothing yet
Anything make You Quesy or Sick? Not yet it would be awesome to miss the 'sickness phase'
Gender: won't know until next year.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Mostly Happy :)
Looking Forward To: Being able to tell my family and friends!

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