Thursday, September 10, 2015

Visit From Grandma & Grandpa

The first week of September my parents came to visit us here in Washington!
They have never been here so it was exciting to have them come!
Hailey was the most excited!
The first thing Hailey wanted to do when they came was play the Wii both Grandma and Grandpa happily agreed  :)

They played Tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing!

Next Hailey wanted to play with her princess dolls and pets.
The next day we took them to the Science Museum down in Seattle.
Checking out the Ferris Wheel!
See that sky? as you can tell we got some rain while we were there!
I didn't get a lot of pictures of us at the science museum, we just wandered around and did all the fun stuff they have there!  
We also went to a little show in the planetarium as well.
But most of all Hailey wanted to go to the Butterfly house, (we didn't make it to that part of the museum when we went as a family last month) it's one of my favorites as well!
After a morning in Seattle at the museum we came home for lunch and then headed out to the Mall.
They have a big American Girl store there so we walked around.
Hailey isn't much into dolls (she prefers dogs and bunnies) but she still had fun looking around the store, it's amazing all the little details and accessories american girl has these days!

When we got home we had Tacos for dinner, thank you Dad!
We went out for frozen yogurt after dinner...
And then there was a little bit of time to play with the princess castle.
Then Hailey got ready for bed, Grandma read her stories and she read stories to Grandma!
The next day we went back down to Seattle to take my parents to Pike's Place Market, another one of my favorites!!
We even got to see them throw the fish!
(at the fist part of the market,which is right behind that yellow truck in the picture below)
I love Pikes Place, there is just a TON of fresh produce + samples and Tons of little shops and just overall a lot to look at.
We also stopped by Rocky mountain chocolate while we were there to get some sweet treats :)
We also found this cool shop that was all Maps and Globes it was awesome!

Fun stuff to look at.
 After wandering around Pike's for a very long time, we headed back home but on the way we made a special stop at a nursery my Mom wanted to go to.
While we were there we picked out some things for Hailey to plant in her garden box.
We decided on Lettuce, Kale and some Pansies, all of which should grow well in the cooler months.
She had SO much fun planting with Grandma, and has since been taking very good care of her garden.
After gardening it was late enough, and we had dinner
(thanks again Dad for cooking!)
We made one last frozen yogurt stop, that place is just too good!
And then we called it a night, after that long day!
The next day was Friday and we just hung around the house because Grandma and Grandpa left around 9am
But not before we got one last picture!
Thanks for visiting us Mom and Dad!
Come again anytime!

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  1. Her tutu skirt in the first couple pics is killing me! Too cute! Ahh I love all the pics! It looks like you all had a fun and super busy time. Thanks for tagging me in your FB post!


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