Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Salad In A Jar

Salads in a jar, something I've always wanted to try 
(and as part of my quest to eat healthy seemed like a good idea)
 so last week i did it.
It was a lot of prep work, and i told myself - NEVER again.
But in the end it was actually worth it because they tasted amazing, they were filling and we ate them throughout the week
Here's some of the ingredients i used.
I did a chicken bacon salad and a chef salad, both tasted great!

6 made.

Before eating turn it over and let the dressing seep through everything.


Hailey gave me her stamp of approval and was able to eat all of hers!

Next i want to try overnight oats....
Have you tried making a meal in jar?



  1. I've been making mason jar salads for about 6 weeks. I reallllly enjoy them! Yes, it takes a bit of time on the weekend, but then I have my lunch ready for the work week - it helps alot!

  2. I should really try making salads in a jar! Yours look delicious. I make overnight oats all the time, they're so easy to make!

    Vivi / www.avecvivi.com


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