Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hi everyone! I just want to let you all know im going to be taking a short break from blogging for a couple weeks because we are in the middle of moving, my husband got a new job. Unfortunatily  this is our 3rd move in 1 year so you can imagine im thrilled about it. Hopefully this will be “the” job because I don’t think I can go through this again. Even through all the stress….well it actually hasn’t been as stressful as I imagined or at least it’s not to stressful yet…?  I’m so thankful that 2011 is almost over, we had so many great opportunities and wonderful things happen, but it was also a VERY stressful year, and  I’m hoping  that with the hubby’s new job we can have a fresh start and have things work out for us!
So don’t forget about me I WILL be back! ! Keep checking back once and awhile because once we get there I’ll hopefully be up and running again!

Talk to you all in a couple weeks!!


  1. Oh we moved once this year and that was enough for me to announce we're never moving again.. good luck with your 3rd one.. hopefully this is it for a while for you!!


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