Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting caught up....

So we moved ....we finally made it to Washington after staying with my sister for a week(we stayed with her until our place was ready to move into)unfortunately the place we were supposed to move into didn't work out -and believe me it was a MAJOR panic moment! Thankfully the manager was more than willing to let us move into another one of his properties which is a little bigger and a bit nicer.

(little miss Hailey- i just had to post one!)

A couple things I've noticed since being here .....

We live right down the street from the Port...its so beautiful on sunny days! Plus i can get a pretty good peek of it from my spacious kitchen window.

We also live right down the road from Comcast Arena...i don't know much about it but I'm sure there's lots of fun things that go on there and i can't wait to check it out!

We've also driven past some big shopping  names in the area...i won't be doing any shopping anytime soon, but it was interesting to see what was around. (I'm definitely not in rexburg anymore!)

So we're just about settled in and once i get my head together i hope to have some neat projects up and going here in the next few days, keep checking back!!

See you soon!


  1. wow, congratulations! sounds like a really nice place :)

    im your newest follower :)

  2. So glad your settled Julianne. I hope you enjoy your new home - its great your sister is nearby too. Nat

  3. Congratulations on your successful move!

    You’ve been selected to be this week’s Fine Feathered Friend for the 1/17 Flock Together Tuesday Blog Hop! I very much appreciate your continued support of the hop. The blog hop will be posted Monday night at 6 p.m. I look forward to hopping wth you!

    1. Oh wow thanks so much! I'll go check out the details for sure!

  4. Welcome home my friend and we are right down the road from you in Aberdeen (about 2 hours) anytime you want to visit the beach give me a shout out. Next time I am heading your way, I will let you know! You will love, love, love living in Seattle, even if I do not shop at those shops!

  5. Congrats on the move and being settled! I would be in SOOOO much trouble if there were a Coach store near me. =)

    I am your newest follower, from the Flock Together Hop. I hope you can come follow back.


  6. Hi I'm a new follower from the hop,would be great if you followed back? lovey pictures hope your all settled in :-)


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