Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun at the Library

I don't have a car most days,(which I'm used to) i'll usually just get my jogging stroller out and run wherever i want to go.  Unfortunately we didn't get to bring the jogging stroller just the umbrella stroller, but that doesn't stop me an little Hailey from getting out and walking everywhere!

Today we walked down to the library, and what an awesome library we have here! We didn't even get to go through all of it, but spent a good chunk of time there. I'm sure it will end up being our 2nd home especially since it's 5 minutes away -when you walk.

First time I've seen a fish tank in a library but it sure did have some cool fish! 

Aside from all the book they had some nice learning toys as well! 

These things are so cool!

Sometimes i just love kids toys.....umm children's learning toys there so fun!

As you can tell this one was a hit!

More fun learning toys

Love the stained glass sign

Books, books, books hailey and i were in book heaven im really glad she loves Books! (we haven't been to a library in awhile!)

They even had a dollhouse.

 We can't wait to go back!

So do your kids like going to the library?

Have a fun weekend!


  1. Wow what a great library, I think I would go more often if ours was like that

  2. The Provo Public Library is AWESOME! On Tue-Fri they even do a free little preschool/toddler time complete with puppet shows, book reading, silly songs... all in the children's wing of the library. I loved the library in Rexburg, but this one is SOOOOOOO much cooler!!

  3. Just last month we got our 2 yr old her library card. She was super excited to take out her first book. She gets over excited at all the books, similar to her Momma. :-)

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