Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

Let's talk Fathers Day. First i have to say i have a great Dad and i am so thankful for him!

I'm also so thankful for Hailey's wonderful Daddy! He has been the best Dad from day 1 as you can tell instant Daddy daughter bond!
Hailey loves him so much and is always so excited to give him a hug when he comes home from work everyday! She is so lucky to have a Daddy that loves and cares for her so much!

For Fathers Day i searched Pinterest for the freebies and scored some nice ones! 
Like this Banner!

This cute little letter - which Hailey answered all the questions for. It still cracks me up every time i read it!

This sticker!

And who could forget the Hero Supply Company?
Love it! 
(And so did Daddy)

Snacks inside

Let's take a closer look at what a hero needs......


For dinner we did Chinese - it was delicious.

Check out that puffy

Say Cheese!
Hailey and the best Daddy ever!



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