Friday, June 15, 2012

Turning 3

Hailey turned 3 and i still can't believe it! We kept it really low key, but i still made it feel like a special day for her i love that at this age the littlest things make her so happy!! 

Started off by taping crepe paper in front of her door before she woke up - which she ended up waking up 2 seconds after i finished!
Next i asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she told me Salad! ummm lets do something a little more special, her second choice was waffles.
She was also SO excited to have lots of balloons to play with, who would of guessed that balloons could keep her busy for so long?!

Later that morning we went with our neighbor to her Favorite place ever, the Children's museum and we spent a couple hours there - let's just say she was in heaven!

That afternoon we took it easy played games, read stories, a craft or two etc. 
For dinner she requested "skillet" which I'll post a recipe for later.

Then it was time to party it up! 
Our neighbors came over to help us celebrate, like i said it was small and totally laid back -but it was nice.

Check out the decorations i made! 
Thanks to pinterest for the inspiration!

We let her choose her own cake and it was no surprise that she chose a Cinderella one!

Make a wish!

New princess bike!
Now that is one happy birthday girl!



  1. Aw Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little girl xxx Nat

  2. cute! she looks so proud of her new bike!


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