Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Hi everyone!
Happy weekend! 
Hope you are able to do something fun! 
We've been in the process of moving all week long - it's been stressful to say the least!
Thankfully it's almost over,and i can put this whole week behind me and not have to move again for a very long time!!
Also a BIG WELCOME to my new followers or those who are checking out my blog for the first time!!
Today i thought i'd just keep it simple and share some photos taken from my phone over the last few months.
The beautiful marina...looks like it could be a picture on a calendar....or maybe a puzzle

How can a family of ducks not make you smile?
Cutest little family ever.
It was so fun watching this boat get moved.
Drinking juice from the carton?!?!?!
The things that go on when mom's away!
Soft and cuddly 
Doing a little work to hopefully open up the ole etsy shop again!
I'm not sure how many of my siblings read this blog.
But on my walk one day i saw this.
The "Blue Line"
brought back so many memories of growing up.

I LOVE cupcakes

 Candy land my daughter's favorite game
.....the game has to get lost one of these days.
I think i can play it with my eyes closed.

One day my husband brought home flowers
I love "just because i love you" flowers

She finally got a tea set.....and she was SO happy!
Who loves my fabric curtains?
Just kidding.
But i do have an idea for some cute curtains!

Well that's all i got this weekend....
Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. nice pictures!
    The one with the ducks is definitely very cute :)
    and I LOVE CUPCAKES too!!!^^
    have a nice week,

  2. Wow your phone takes good pix! I do remember the Stop line. Haha!

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