Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Food

Wow it's been awhile! 
Welcome to all my new followers!!
Now that the holidays are over (and what a holiday it was!)
 I'm going to try and start posting a lot more!
I thought I'd start with a real quick recipe that i found on Pinterest 
I LOVE this recipe it's simple but is such a good combination of veggies!
It's become a once a week meal in our house!
Well that is until i get tired of eating it!

You can find the recipe HERE

And a picture to make you drool....well at least it makes me drool.
Can't wait to make it again!



  1. yay for a new post! did you make it exactly like the recipe or substitute/change anything?

  2. I made it exactly EXCEPT for the creole seasoning....i couldn't find it anywhere......So i just seasoned it with salt and pepper and it still tasted great! Oh, and Shawn suggested using grated parmesan cheese next time so maybe that would taste good :)


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