Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simple Sweet Wreath

Everybody ready for another fun craft?
I like to call this 
'The Cotton Candy Wreath"
I just love this soft color of pink!
So who wants to make this beauty?

Here's what i used:
Glue Gun
Foam Wreath
Tissue Paper
Small Paintbrush (not pictured)

First i cut out a bunch of 5"x5" squares of tissue paper

Next i took one of the squares i just cut out and  pinched the middle of it

Then I twisted it
Next i took the end of my small paintbrush and poked a hole in the foam wreath about 1/2"
 (you don't have to use a paintbrush it's just what i had around)

Then i put some hot glue in the hole and stuck the twisted end of my tissue paper into the hole.
I also used the end of my paintbrush to help push it into the hole.
Then I repeated the whole process again
1.Poke Hole
2.Put glue in hole
3 Stick in tissue paper

Easy right?

And see how beautiful it looks!!
Just another little piece of my Valentine's Day Mantel!


  1. That looks really pretty, seems so simple too.
    Thanks for sharing. I have got to pin this.

    I was actually stopping by to thank you for linking up with Lovin' The Weekend Blog Hops and to let you know you have been randomly chosen by Random.org as this coming weekend's Featured Host!
    I will need you to send me an email to let me know you received this (please put Lovin' the Weekend Featured Host in the subject line). I also need a short blurb about you and your blog. Why you blog, how long you've been blogging, what you blog about, that sort of thing. I will then add it to the post and email you the html code for you to post Friday at 6pm EST. We also ask that you share about the hop over the weekend on Facebook and/or Twitter to help get the word out.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you
    Karen from Tots and Me

  2. Love tissue paper... it was the original on all those paper projects - lol... such a pretty pink wreath it makes.
    Hugs, antonella :-)
    I am linking over from The Answer is Chocolate where I've linked too.

  3. What a LOVELY wreath!! Thanks so much for sharing ... pinning ;)

    ~Brenda @ChattingOverChocolate.blogspot.com

  4. This is so pretty! I love the shade of the tissue paper. Thanks for sharing @ DearCreatives.com Hope your having a great week! Theresa PS. Did you grab your new featured button from last week's being featured? Don't forget to if you'd like one.

  5. Love the look of it! SO pretty! Thanks so much for linkin up and sharing!


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