Thursday, October 30, 2014

School Has Started!

How did this happen?!
Say it isn't so!
My baby is officially in school (sob)
Around here this year we have half day kindergarten, which for me is ok!
It just means i get to spend more time with her before she goes to school 'full time' next year.
I do have the peace of mind though that she has an AMAZING teacher that Loves her so much and only ever has good things to say about her!
(yep proud momma moments)
She's learned so much already, has made friends and overall loves school so much!

As i was going through some pictures i ran across the picture from her  first day of preschool so fun to compare them to now and see the difference's of how much she's grown up!

Here's to a good school year!
So far so good!


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