Thursday, October 30, 2014

Simple Summer Things....

Wow, long time no blog! 
I guess now that its officially fall,  it's time for me to post a little about summer!
Aside from play dates Hailey did swim and loved it,just as much as last summer, she is for sure a little fish!

Her being the little fish she became this summer, we ended up finding a really good deal on a pool so we set that up this summer,and she was in heaven! She could of stayed in that pool ALL DAY LONG! it was also fun to have the neighbor girls join us once and awhile too!

Some days we just hung around the house blew bubbles,
rode the 4 wheeler
chalked up the sidewalk
took care of her garden
made yummy treats
you know the usual stuff!

Daddy brought her home a remote control car one day 
(apparently he found a smashing deal)
She took to it right away and became very good with it.

We made it to some new parks this summer, this one in particular was one of my favorites, nice and shady from the summer 'heat'
I was so proud of her for finally being able to go across the monkey bars!

Of course we made it to the beach this year, unfortunately we came at low tide :( and our boat went back just as the tide was coming in.
Oh, well i know for next time!

This year we found out about Lowe's build and grow and we try to go to as many as possible,it's so fun to see her building!
We also like to go to the craft days at Michael's on Saturday if we're in the area.

And last but not least, Hailey filled her piggy bank to the brim for Disneyland, so as promised Before school started we made a trip down to Disneyland (that will be a post for another day)
I had a lot of fun making this countdown i found on pinterest.

There you got it, summer in a nutshell!
Hoping to have some fun crafts up soon!
(i know,i say that every time! but for reals!)


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