Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gender Reveal

After finding out what we were having i was so excited to tell Hailey as soon as possible.
I used the idea of the box of balloons to let her know if she was getting a baby brother or sister.
I'm really not that crafty and i threw this together on short notice,but i had to document it for memory's sake.

Blue OR Pink
What Do You Think?

Well your about to find out!

Yay for Pink!
She's so excited to have a little sister!

 And since she'll find any excuse to have a party 
( i can't tell you how many stuffed animal parties I've been too!)
 of course we had to get a cake!

See you in June baby girl!



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  2. What a lovely girl,she looks very happy.Greetings from Turkiye:):)


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