Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weekly Update

It's 20 weeks people! 
I sure feel much bigger!

How Far Along:  In this picture I'm 20 Weeks (currently I'm 21 weeks)
Weight Gain/Loss: Gained probably 10-11lbs? last time i was at the Dr.'s they said i was right on track!
Maternity Clothes: no not yet but with the way I'm growing I'm going to need some real soon!
Sleep: Not to bad - i feel rested in the morning when i wake up despite tossing and turning half the night :/
Miss Anything: Jeans - i Need to get a pair that fits asap
Movement: Yes! The little lady has her moments of jumping around in there! I took Hailey to a trampoline place and it was pretty noisy and baby was doing all sorts of jumping around haha
Food Craving: The only thing that comes to mind is McDonald's sausage breakfast burritos and sausage cheese English muffin - i always hate to admit this one, because i have not eaten McDonald's in YEARS literally! I also still like a good bowl of cereal,for the past 3 days I've really wanted some grape-nut-flakes (childhood favorite) good thing grocery day is just around the corner.
Anything make you queasy/or sick: The thought of ground beef or ground meat of any kind still disgusts me! Also Panda Express YUCK! And Hamburgers, don't get me started!  Oh well, at least its only temporary and then i can start enjoying those food again.
Symptoms: Not really- i do feel like by the time 5pm rolls around I'm exhausted, and all i want to do is sit around - but that doesn't happen!
Happy or moody most of the time? Mixture.
Looking Forward To: Well my birthday is coming up-not that i have any big plans,except I'm going to make myself a rainbow chip cake.  
Valentines day is also around the corner and i  really want to do something fun for VDay for Hailey. Shawn is also taking some days off this month because he has SO much PTO so maybe we'll find something fun to do - but no current plans, most of the time we're the 'last minute planners'

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