Sunday, August 2, 2015

Baby Blessing

My heart is so full!
Today was such a special day.
Shawn gave Aubrey such a beautiful blessing.
I'm so thankful for the gospel and a worthy husband!
 So thankful for my family I am beyond blessed to have them!

 (At this point she over having pictures taken! she just wanted to sleep poor baby!)

 Happy Baby!

Look at that beautiful dress!
Many thanks to my sister's neighbor who gave me this BEAUTIFUL dress for Aubrey and thanks Allison for sending it just in time! It made this day even more special and will be something I know Aubrey will treasure when she gets older!

I just LOVE this picture.


  1. That bow is the size of her face! ROFL! and I love your skirt ;-)

  2. Lol got to love those big bows! And thank YOU for the skirt!


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