Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What We Do Monday Night

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we set aside a day every week usually Monday for Family Home Evening
A time where we talk and teach gospel topics and study the scriptures.
Even though sometimes it can be hard to do it every Sunday or Monday we still do our best to make it happen!
Hailey especially Loves Family Home Evening - A LOT! 
I'm really glad she likes it so much, and i try to make leaning about the gospel fun and interesting for her since her attention span can be - well sometimes small.
We are in no way perfect when it comes to FHE some weeks are better than others
but we try to include
Opening Prayer
and a Treat
I have good memories of FHE growing up so i hope to instill some good memories for Hailey as well as gospel learning!
This last Monday we learned/read about the creation, actually Hailey read it to us from her Old Testament book - she has become a very good reader!
She never ceases to amaze me.

After reading about the creation, i found a fun creation craft via pinterest and thought it would be fun to do!
I'm not going to post a tutorial for this because it's pretty self explanatory!

There's some serious crafting going on at this table!
(Another plus was that i already had all the supplies i needed)

It took us 2 days to finish all 7 days of creation crafts but i love how they turned out!
(We may or may not be hanging these up somewhere.)

The day of rest was her favorite to make!
What are some ways you teach gospel stories?

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