Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lighthouse Park

What do we do when Daddy's away? We play! or at least explore cool new places!
Our neighbor told us about a Park/Beach she had found and we were so excited to go check it out with her one afternoon! 
Besides the beach area of it, there was a playground and even a farmers market!
Yay for fresh produce! To bad i had forgotten my wallet, but this will be a definite must come back to location for us!

As for Hailey you can't keep this girl away from water she LOVES beaches- that's my girl! she is always asking us to take her to the beach, and it sure has been fun to explore the different beaches around this area!
The day we went wasn't the warmest day so we didn't go in to far!
So many fun things to see!
Sampling a cherry from the farmers market they were SO good!


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