Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sweet 4th Of July Treat

For the 4th Of July i made these sweet kebabs to take with us to dinner at our neighbors house - i just have to brag a little and say we have the best neighbors ever!
Anyways i came across this idea here  and knew i had to make it!
As you can see from the picture it was delicious! And  now that i think about it there are some many different combinations you could do to mix it up for any occasion!

Here's what i used to make them:
Brownies (i was to lazy to make homemade)
Chocolate syrup
Skewers -to stick all the goodness on

And don't forget the best part FRESH mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. YUM!

Hailey thinks everything looks yummy too.

Basically just stick everything on the skewer!
Why is it that everything tastes better on a skewer?
Is it only me?

Then drizzle with chocolate sauce and make them look pretty + everything tastes better with chocolate on it!

This tasty treat was a hit all around!



  1. Tony thinks its funny that I love kabobs so much. Meat ones, fruit ones, dessert ones..there are so many ideas for them on Pinterest. We made meat and fruit ones for the 4th of July. Are you on Instagram? I posted pix there that uploaded to my Twitter ...I'll try to remember to post the pix on FB so you can see

  2. Fabulous idea! Will definitely be making these :) Maggie xx


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