Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seattle Art Museum

Would you like to hear about our latest Seattle adventure?
If not feel free to skip this post!
We went to the Seattle Art Museum with our friend Anna - and it was awesome!
So here we go on a little picture tour of some of favorites, and it was so hard to narrow it down!

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking. 

Here's the outside - see the guy in the black? His arm was moving up and down and Hailey totally loved that!


Playing around.

The mural's were one of my favorite things there!

Another one.

Art stop.

I loved that throughout the museum which was 4 levels they had play areas for kids.
Hailey loved the tea set!

Loved the Kimonos

Yes my other favorite was the tea set room!

What's a museum without some paintings?

And the best for last...i really like this last painting!

The End of the Day
Painted By: William Sergeant Kendall

The Painting depicts the artist’s wife, Margaret, who reads a bedtime story to the couple’s young darughter, Elisabeth. The parental joy that the Kendalls obviously felt with the birth of their first child inspired what would become the artist’s favorite theme, mother and child.

So there you have it my favorites (in a nutshell) of the Seattle Art Museum
Have you ever been to an Art Museum?



  1. I saw a Tiffany exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum a number of years ago. It was fantastic! Oh course it was a travelling exhibit.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them for others to see. I think it's funny that you are wearing a jacket and we are fighting 100 degree weather in Miami. Have a wonderful week.


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