Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cinnamon Churro Chex Mix

Lately I have been into 3 different kinds of food.
Different kinds of green Salads.
Healthy fruit/veggie Smoothies.
Chex Mix.
Yes call me weird....hahaha
Kind of a weird mix of foods/drinks.
So i have been trying out different chex mix recipes and stumbled across this sweet one that is 
Cinnamon Churro Chex Mix.

Here's How I Made It:
9 cups Chex Cereal 
1 cup cinnamon Chips
1/2 cup Butter ( To much butter for me so put in less!)
1/2 cup Powdered sugar
1/4 cup Granulated Sugar ( This was also to much sugar for me so i only put in a little of it.)
1 1/2tsp. Cinnamon

 Oh yes and a helper!

First i measured out my cereal in a large bowl...i didn't know it but 9 cups it basically one whole box of Chex cereal.
Next - i melted the cinnamon chips and butter, until smooth.
Then i poured it over the chex and mixed until it was evenly coated.
(as you can tell i used the same bowl to melt and mix dry ingredients.....lazy me)

Last I mixed the powdered sugar, granulated sugar and cinnamon together and mixed it into the chex mixture.

Then i spread it on parchment paper until it was cooled.

And after that it was a tasty snack!


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