Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Has it really been over a month since i blogged?
This year is flying by!
Here's a little up to date of what we've been up to lately.

Escalator ride
really exciting right?
For a 3 year old its the best thing ever!

 Somebody started soccer!
And loves it!!

Made a trip to our favorite library to find out we can't check out books there anymore because we don't live in the city :(
So we enjoyed there fish before left.
That fish on the left with the big teeth- get me every time!

Being silly
This kid cracks me up!

Enjoying some blue skies

And warmer weather!

Which means we spend a lot of time outside while the sun is here.

Making a wish.......except she ended up not being able to blow it hard enough.....haha

Park time with Baby O

Look what we found in the tree!
A leftover Easter egg with candy :D

We squeezed in some time to go to the science museum and got to see the 'world's largest electric guitar'

Little miss fancy pants.
Play date at a friends house.

So that's where we've been for the last month!

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  1. she is sooo cute! i love how girly she is but that she is also into soccer, sporty stuff, exploring, etc! it looks like you guys are taking advantage of the warm is finallyyyyy starting to warm up here (with some thunderstorms inbetween). so hopefully we'll be hitting up the park quite a bit more soon!


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