Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY Puzzle

Happy April everyone!
I am so glad that March is over!
The last week of march was especially hard, Hailey got sick and had to miss a week of school, 
to say she - i mean 'we' got cabin fever is an understatement! I'm so glad that she is back to her normal/healthy self this week. 
(unfortunately Daddy also got sick and is still trying to recover.)
As you can tell below even though she was sick there was still reasons to smile.
While we were stuck at home we got in a lot of 
abc mouse
 you basically get the picture.
We also used a lot of hand sanitizer (as you can tell) haha

I also let her paint her own nails,which she Loves to do, what 5 year old doesn't?
....practice makes perfect or progress - whatever it is they say.
Onto the DIY puzzle.
I actually came up with a bunch of Easter/spring crafts for us to do together and this was one i honestly didn't think would interest her, but it ended up being the one she wanted to do first! 
So without further ado....
The DIY Popsicle Stick Puzzle
Popsicle sticks
cookie cutters
or you can make your own shape.
Total cost $0 best price of all!

hello beautiful.

First line up your Popsicle sicks and trace your cookie cutter pattern on top

Before painting i actually taped the ends of the Popsicle sticks to a piece of paper so they wouldn't move when she painted.

Then go to town with the painting!

And wait for it to dry
Wait for them all to dry!

After the drying  comes the fun part - having fun mixing them up and putting them back together!

I love this little purple Easter bunny peep ;)

So did she!
I was happy that she had fun making them and even more fun playing with these puzzles, for most of the afternoon :O
Even Daddy was put to the test when he got home.

Hope your all having a great week!
What are Your plans for this Easter weekend?

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