Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tulips and Tulips and Tulips

Something i've wanted to do ever since we moved here was to go to the 
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
After 3 years i Finally got there!
And it was beautiful!
And it was WARM!

I tried to put together some collages and make it look all organized and pretty, 
but there was just to many beautiful pictures that i couldn't jumble them all together, so i picked and chose the ones that caught my eye.
So enjoy this happy, colorful, jumble of the beautiful tulip festival.

Oh the colors!

My little tulip!

Getting close - but not to close!
Lately she's had this fear of bugs so she didn't get to close!

 Here we are!

Can you spot the heart?

Me and my baby

SO many cool kites!

I didn't make the cut for the picture but i sure got a handsome farmer and cute little tulip!

We also looked around the shops they had there, Hailey loved the little sleeping puppies that looked like they were breathing - they were so cute but Not for $45 dollars!
I also like all the different chocolates they had there that were shaped like different things!

Time for some flying before we hit the road!
Overall, loved it - it was a gorgeous day, lots of walking but it was so worth it for all the beauty we saw!

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