Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Overload

For memory's sake.......
Thinking back over the last week, i can't believe we were able to go to 4 Easter egg hunts,Hailey was over the moon!
(of course not all in one day)
Aside from the egg hunts, Easter was amazing i love celebrating with my little family and keeping traditions alive, while remembering the REAL meaning of the season.
(Here's a little re-cap of our fun, thanks to my iPhone maybe not the best quality of pictures but it works in the moment.)

First hunt we went to was probably my favorite, and i wish i had gotten more pictures.
When we got there, we were given a 'gold' egg which we could turn in at the end of the hunt for an Easter basket. 
So first we went inside (for about 10 minutes) and listened to the singer they had singing kids bible songs that had actions the kids could do, kind of like a sing-a-long.  Hailey however maybe because it was early did not want to have any part of it whatsoever - i wish i had gotten a picture of her face it was so funny. 
Then they had someone explain the rules and then the kids hunted for eggs 
 there was over 20,000 eggs - say what?!
There was plenty for everybody no joke!
After the hunt we dumped out what was in our eggs and turned in the empty ones and our gold egg for a Easter basket that was full of fun kids stuff. 
So Awesome!
We will be going back to that one next year :)

Second egg hunt we went to had this huge slide set up and a bounce house outside, photo booth and the egg hunt.

Inside they had lots of crafts and games.

Third egg hunt we went to, did the egg hunts by age groups, they would lay out eggs and candy for each one, there weren't a lot of eggs but if you were lucky and got the egg with the 'pink paper' inside you won a chocolate bunny.
Hailey was excited to find that 'rare' pink paper in one of her eggs and picked out 'parsnip pete' which right now is off limits, we'll see if she changes her mind.
They also had a firetruck and ambulance for kids to go and look at/get in.

Last but not least.....
The playgroup we go to has an Easter egg hunt/dinner every year.
This was our second year going, it's also nice that it's right next door to us.
Lots of yummy food.
Fun egg hunt
great company!
what more can i say?

Moving right along, let's get to the actual 
Easter Day
Easter morning the Easter bunny left a trail of eggs from her room down to her Easter basket,which pretty much rocked her world.
Until she found this little toy in her basket -push the button the egg spins open to reveal a pink bunny, that pretty much was the highlight of the basket, thank you $1 store?
I'm telling you doesn't take much to make this girl happy!

For breakfast I attempted these bunny pancakes, because last year i made bunny pancakes (though i don't remember exactly which one i made) so i just chose something really quick.
Well i can now say thank you pinterest because i can now enter the 'Pinterest FAIL' club!
I'm not liking the comparisons - do you know how hard it is to make a nice round pancake? 
(curse you my perfectionist nature)
Apparently it was Not my morning!
But Hailey loved it and ate it all.haha
As for Shawn and i we made something a little more tasty, i never make a big breakfast like this, only on special occasions! 
On those rare occasions you gotta have a little of everything.

After breakfast it was time to watch General Conference!
For those wondering what General Conference is, it's a conference that happens in our church twice a year.It's when our prophet and leaders speak to us to giving us all kinds of inspiring messages. For more info go Here
I always get a lot out of listening/watching and i also Love to re-read the talks over and over.
I have good memories of watching conference as a kid, and try to pass that same excitement along to Hailey. Last year I made this big conference board to help her listen and make it more fun (Win!) even when it's not conference she'll want to listen to conference talks just to use the conference board.
It's always uplifting to me listening to the words of our prophets and leaders

Between sessions we dyed some Easter eggs - she was SO excited to dye eggs or maybe it was because we added glitter to them, either way she was asking me today to dye Easter eggs again, lol

One of my favorite traditions.

After watching the afternoon session of conference we got dinner ready, so much yummy food!
Dessert never stood a chance of a picture-
Brownies and ice cream
It was all so good.

So there you have it!
We had a pretty laid back Easter this year, but i loved every minute of it because i was with the people i love the most. 
Hope you all had a great Easter!

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