Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm Back!

Ok, it's been awhile since I've blogged, also going to throw out there that this post is probably going to be jumbled!
But it's time to jump back into the blogging world.
I think I've been a little overwhelmed because there is SO much to blog about i don't know where to start! 
And there is SO many pictures i don't know what to post!
So for now I'll just start with the biggest news of all.
And for those loyal readers out there you already know what that is!

I finally popped.
Seriously this pregnancy felt like it  FLEW by! 
The last week was probably the longest but one week is not bad!
I am happy to not be pregnant anymore because i just felt like i couldn't function and i missed doing the things i normally would do, ALSO this summer has been especially hot, so i feel for all the pregnant momma's  out there!

Sooo back to popping, it happened!
And this little angel joined our family the day right after her big sister's birthday!

Say hello to ....
Aubrey Claire 
Born on:
June 15th 2015
9lb 1oz
19 and 3/4 inches
And we are loving every bit of her!

I'm not wanting to go into every detail of her birth story on this blog, but will give you the nutshell version.

Woke up at 4:00am on June 15th and couldn't get back to sleep so i just layed in bed and watched netflix for about an hour and at 5am seriously it was 5am  my water broke so i called the hospital and they told me to come down 

When i got there they got me checked in and hooked up and then the waiting game began.

 There was a lot of tv
and they even let me eat breakfast!

By 1pm i hadn't progressed much so they started me on pitocin, they gave me literally the smallest amount you can have, but it really kicked my contractions up a notch!
By 2pm i was dilated to a 6 and the contractions were pretty intense so i got an epidural - Oh sweet relief! 
Thank heaven for epidurals!

Around 6:50 they had me start pushing - pushed for 30 minutes and sweet baby Aubrey was born!

That first night is always a long night of not much sleep,nursing and just trying to recover!
But we made it!
We also had some Awesome nurses!

The next day Hailey came to see her little sister.
She was SO excited to meet Aubrey, and excited is an understatement for this girl!

First kiss from big sister!

Seriously Hailey is the best big sister!
I couldn't ask for a better big sister for Aubrey!
She is so helpful and she just loves her little sister to pieces 
(even before she was born)
 I can't tell you how fun it is to watch her with baby sis.

She especially LOVES to pick out clothes for little sis from socks to mittens to onesies and once and awhile she'll sneak in a little "dress up" time!

Ahh, these two i know will be best friends someday!

Being home with two, has been an adjustment Aubrey is completely different than Hailey was as a baby! 
Honestly can't imagine life without her!
Happy 5 weeks baby girl!

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