Sunday, July 5, 2015

Time For A Party

This year we decided to have a party for Hailey.
It actually was her first birthday party because every other year we have either been sick on her birthday or moving.
So this party was a long time coming.
Hailey really wanted to incorporate puppies into her party.
So we did what we could with what we had.
The only sad thing was that my camera decided to stop working halfway through the party so i don't have nearly all the pictures i wanted :(

The beautiful birthday girl!

 Table set up.

Once all the kids got there they played until the pizza came and then we ate
lots and lots of food
chex mix
no kid went hungry i can assure you that!

After eating the kids played out back on the play structure, and bubbles were also a big hit!

We had planned to do pin the tail on the puppy 
but there wasn't enough time, i really like how it turned out though.

After playing outside the kids came in and got to "adopt a puppy"
Kind of hard to see from the picture but they all got to choose a 
decorate for the bed for there dog 
and then they got a 
dog blanket
and dog tag for there dog
as well a dog adoption certificate.
It was for sure a BIG Hit!

This is where the pictures stop because of my camera being a flake.
But after adopting puppies we had cake, Hailey opened presents and we did a pinata!
Really wish i had pictures of all that!

Birthday Part 2

These are just a couple from her actual birthday on June 14th
It was a Sunday so it was very small celebration because we'd already had a party.
For breakfast i made her pancakes
We went to church and she was so excited when she got to go up during primary so they could sing happy birthday to her.
When we got back from church we made cupcakes
tried to stay cool in the heat and later in the even we went outside and played.
She was also got to open some presents from mom and dad,aunts and grandma and grandpa.

One year older.

One of her favorites was the Spirograph from grandma and grandpa.
She's made some pretty cool pictures for the walls :)

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  1. Happy birthday to her. Looks like she had a good one. I like the "adopt a puppy" party idea.


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