Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Fabric Bunting

So lately as I've been browsing the craft world online i seem to come across alot of buntings(banners) - and its driving me insane- what is the big deal with these things?!  So today after seeing the hundredth bunting banner thing i decided to give it a try instead of shooting it down. Might as well give it here we go...... ready for a picture overload? I don't know what it is when i craft/sew but i just like to take pictures of every step when i do projects no matter how easy it is.

First cut chose some nice fall fabrics....ahh love these color combinations! Oh and also cut out a triangle - as big or small as you please :)

Then start cutting! i wasn't going for any thing that long, also i wanted my bunting to be double sided, so each triangle you see is 2 one on top of another.

Next i sewed the 2 triangles together WRONG sides together i was also wasn't worried about the edges it, it frayed  it would just give it a little more character ;)

I thought i'd class it up a little and cut out the word "fall" in dark brown felt in honor of the season :) I ended up just hot gluing them on.

Here are all the triangles sewn and ready for the next step.....

 I had some Jumbo ric-rac in my stash of ribbon and thought it would be perfect for this banner, so spread it out and lay my triangles halfway up the ric-rac

Then i folded over the ric-rac and pinned where i wanted to sew.

And the rest is history....

Here's another one i made but i also tied some white fabric onto it as well.

I will admit that this picture really doesn't do it justice. This project was so quick and easy to make and i actually really enjoyed making it and i think from now on that before i judge a craft so harshly i will definitely have to give it a try first!

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