Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lamp re-Vamp

Oh my goodness time for an update. Well how about a little craft project instead? I've been wanting to refurbish a lamp for some time now, and while i was at the thrift store a couple weeks ago i came across a cute little lamp that looked like it needed some love.

So would you like to make this? believe m it was super simple :)

The original plan i had for this lamp fell through. i was going to do the base white and the lampshade with pink fabric flowers, but that didn't end up working to well.(hence the lack of pictures) Soooo i decided to to turn my plan upside down paint the base a light pink (using Krylon gloss paint) and then do white flowers on the lampshade.

Here is what i used for the lampshade i found a steal of a deal on the white flowers which i used less than half a box and then i bought some acrylic jewels for the center of the flower.

Next i glued some some white fabric over the lampshade (this is optional) i just didn't like the yellow tint it already had.

Then i fired up the good old glue gun and got to work - i doubled the flowers because they were kind of thin,just to give it a more full look and then i just added a jewel to the middle of that. This part was the most fun for me- im a perfectionist at heart and it totally should not have take me an hour to do this part!

And here you go! Just look at the little beauty you (i) just created!


  1. This is simply adorable and very crafty of you. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  2. ummm okay, so I'm feeling silly. I did this with lamp..... but your's looks one thousand freaking times better!!!! I LOVE IT!!! And I would LOVE if you shared this post over at Trash to Treasure Tuesdays over on Kammy's Korner!!! As long as they don't see mine after looking at yours - haha!!! :)

  3. This would be great for my little girl's room. Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday!


  4. Love the lamp. I also loved your post about how to make your own bias tape.

    I became a follower to keep up on your other great ideas.

    If you get a chance you'll have to stop by my blog sometime.



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