Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who Knew?!

So i really need to blog about this experience because i can't get it off my mind until i do, so here we go one day (probably a month ago)  as i was combing my daughter's hair i noticed that one spot in paticular on the top of her head was very dry - it was like thick layers of dry skin, that would not come out- i shudder even thinking about the feel of it on my fingers. Plus when i tried to pick at it -it only took out hair...i started to panick.what was it? how and why was it there? How could i get it to go away?

 Everyone told me it was dandruff - BUT IT WAS NOT. besides being dry it did not flake, it wasn't red, it was itchy , it didn't even bother her. it was just there annoying me.My only conclusion was that it was cradle's cap, i never knew that a child could get it as a toddler.(?)
 I instantly went online to "google" it and see what i could do and what products to use to get rid of it, and let me tell you i tried everything....from dandruff shampoos to moisturizing to baby products you name it. Nothing worked and it was steady taking over her scalp. I shudder as i think about it.

So one day i ended up taking her to get her hair trimmed and the hairdresser was shocked at what she saw and thought it was dandruff but i told her that it didn't have any signs of dandruff, and that i thought it was cradles cap. So she called her supplier and asked for a cheap way to get rid of it- because i wanted to keep it budget friendly.She came back and said that the supplier had had a similiar experience when her kids were little, and that she used.....Baking Soda!

I was VERY skeptical. But i thought what's the harm? So 3 times a week i mixed warm water and baking soda together and applied it to the dry spots and guess what?! after 3 weeks no more dry scalp! I couldn't be me more happy! One because it's gone two because it only cost me a whole 80 cents!! yahooo!!! So if you ever run into this problem with your toddler - i highly recommend baking soda. Who knew?


  1. Thanks for sharing this! It is so nice baking soda worked!

  2. Very nice post...thank you for sharing this tip!

  3. Yes, who knew..There are so many wonderful uses for baking soda but never heard this one or knew toddlers could have cradle cap.

    Just signed up to follow your blog, came over from the Sasse life..check me out too, please.

  4. I am totally trying this - - my toddler also seems to have this crazy cradle cap that is taking over....and i have also tried medicated shampoos, baby oil, and other things that i have found on the net!
    Now following you from say hi sunday!
    carla :)
    Mrs. NoNo Knows
    PS - i pinned your bias tape tutorial - - it's so clear and easy to understand. thanks!!!


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