Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pleated Headband Tutorial

So I seem to be on a headband kick these here is the pleated headband how-to

 First your supplies, you'll need a stretchy headband, felt, fabric of you choice(as you can see i have 3 fabrics pictured i was having a hard time choosing one), and lightweight fusible interfacing.

First you are going to cut out a piece of fabric and interfacing 3"x11.5" iron the
 interfacing to the fabric(not pictured)

Then i ironed over both ends a little and also did a tight zig-zag stich on each end.

 Next i folded it over

And then i started sewing up one short side across the long side and then i left the other short end open so i could turn it right side out.

 Here's how it should look once you turn it right side out and iron it, all nice and pretty :)

After which i eyeballed the pleats(pinning as i went) and then stitched it right down the middle,to hold it together

 Next i cut out a piece of felt and sandwiched the headband between the pleat and the piece of felt and glued it down.

I wanted to dress it up a bit and cut out some red felt hearts for the top that i also glued down

Ta-da! you did it! (at least i hope my instructions made sense!) 

Next find a model to wear your pretty headband- maybe one that can move her left hand really fast!... 

Awww its so easy...especially when i tell her its a princess headband!

I'm going to have to make a couple of these for me!

Don't forget to come back for the headband holder it's going to be AMAZING!!!


  1. Great tutorial, i love it and i will have it. thanks for sharing

  2. Such a cutie! Thanks for sharing your tutorial - it's very clear and easy to follow :-)

  3. So cute! (The headband and the girl.)

  4. Super cute! You make me want to dig around in my storage closet and find my old sewing machine :) I was hopping around blogs and came across yours. Come by We Got Kidz and say hello some time :)


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