Friday, September 6, 2013

Sliding Fast

Today's post for 
Blogtember is:
A story about a time you were very afraid.
For my 2nd wedding anniversary my husband and i went to 
Lava Hot Springs
(it's in Idaho)
While we were there we thought we'd check out the
water slides/water park just up the street
For some reason i let my husband convince me to go down this huge water slide with him.
Well let me tell you
I hate Heights
Add speed to that
I'm a total mess!
Well somehow he convinced me to go with him
This slide had a
60 foot vertical drop
and speed up to 40mph
(and i believe it!)
It was the longest walk i have ever taken up a flight of stairs and when i reached the top 
all of a sudden it was my turn.
I wanted to back out so badly 
but before i knew it 
i was already sitting down
then sliding down
And at that moment I felt like my heart was going to explode!
Plus I forgot to scream.
(which was probably why i felt that way)
And quick as that it was all over.
I can't explain how terrifying that experience was!
But i will Never happen again.
Let me tell you this picture don't do it justice!


  1. I too am afraid of heights, but worked at a power plant in my younger days and there were 4 of us up working on scaffolding about stories or more up for a staging area. The guys knowing I was scared would pull up the shield and I would nylon tie it into place...hence I did not have to look down. Then one decided it would be cute to start wiggling the scaffold. I asked him several times to stop, he did and then as I was tying he came up behind me to shake and I reached back as hard as I could and caught him in the solar plexus and yes, I walked down the scaffolding and refused to go back up. The next day, he came in trying to shame me for the huge bruise he had, but my boss told him boys should know never to mess with a girl when she is scared!

    1. That should have stated we were about 3 stories up! PS, we are still friends and he never messed with me again after that when we were on scaffolding!

  2. Thanks for sharing that's a great story! I agree with the boss...never mess with a girl when she is scared!


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