Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where I'm From

I decided to tag along with
As they take on Blogtember!
I'm going to try and keep up and post as often as possible!

First Blog post is:
Where I'm From
(Here we go in a nutshell.)
I feel like I've moved around a lot but i guess looking back,
As a kid i really didn't.
I was born and raised in a little town called Woodland
right outside of 
Life growing up was fun, i had 4 brothers and 3 sisters
we didn't always get along 
but that's how it is growing up in a big family.
When I look back on growing up in 
Northern California
I remember
good friends.
Sunny weather
Fun family trips
Sunny weather
Sunny weather
Great Church group
More sunny weather
There are a lot of good memories growing up in California.

Until the 1 bad memory 
that hit the hardest
My dad gathered all of us in the living room one evening and told us we were moving to......
I could not have been more devastated.
For so many reasons.
But it was reality.
At the time i was a senior in High School
And just about to graduate from Community College with my associates in
General Education
That being 1 thing i wish i had stayed and finished.
we moved to Idaho -yes i hated it at first.....for the first few months...
It being the first move for our family
As hard as it was
now that i'm older when i look back
 I'm still amazed at all the people who 
welcomed us with open arms
and were glad that we were there.
offered there friendships 
were good examples
and accepted me for who i was
which definitely helped lead me to
live a good life
 make smart decisions.
And become who i am today.
So in the end it wasn't so bad.

I also actually met my 
husband while i lived in Idaho
Which was another blessing of moving there.

Which leads me into the next move of my life.
After getting married i moved across the state to eastern Idaho
to a little college town called
My husband went to school
I worked (as a dental assistant)
We had our first baby - Hailey
And after the husband graduated, he got a job and we moved on to our next adventure in....

Southern California!!!
Can you feel the excitement?
It was one of the happiest days of my life,when i found out we'd be moving back to California
Our stay in California only lasted a short 
9 months
But by golly it was the best 9 months ever!
Once the job ended we found ourselves traveling back to.....

for a different job.
I felt like i was going backwards in time.
My husband started his next job
Which was pretty short lived, because the owners son came back to the company and took over his spot.
So we went on another job hunt again.
Just call us professionals job hunters ;)

We finally found another job and traveled our way to......
Washington state.
(keep in mind this is our 3rd move in 1-2 years of being married)
By now we're feeling the pain of moving and just want to settle down somewhere for awhile!
So as of Now
 we have lived in Washington for 2 years (?) 
(I stopped keeping track.)
My husband has now had a stable job since we've moved here 
and it looks as if we may stay for awhile.
Washington hasn't been to bad to us so far,
we've met some great people
and had some amazing experiences. 
For now this is where we'll stay.

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  1. Love how you set up this post with the pics. Blogtember sounds fun! Hopefully I will find time tonight to tag along!


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