Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately.

Today's Blogtember Post is:
'Life Lately'

Life lately hasn't been to exciting 
The whole family got 
Between all of us we have been sick for probably almost 2 months it seems.
Which when all is said and done
I got to do some 
Thankfully I'm the last to be sick and I'm almost better.
(just a small cough)
But being sick this time around has made me decide that next time i get sick I'm going to have some 
doTerra oils on hand.
Next time I'm going to try the all natural way of getting better.
Besides that we took H to the 
Children's Museum
over the weekend and they actually had a free event called 
Derby Days 
going on while we were there so she got to do all sorts of fun free things!
They even had llamas!

After the Museum we ate lunch at a little
Hawaiian restaurant 
There food was 

That evening my church had a
Preparedness Fair 
so i went to that and learned a lot.
Besides all the rain that we have been having...
hello Fall.
Life has been pretty uneventful.


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  1. haha that there were llamas. That looks fun. I love hawaiian food! I look for the Groupon deals and get those for date night sometimes. Lmk if you have any Qs about essential oils...I have learned a lot going to the classes


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