Sunday, June 12, 2011

....just thought i'd share.....

....with you how DELICIOUS Ben and Jerry's RED VELVET ice cream is! We don't buy ice cream very often here at my house, but i was at the store the other day and was feeling in the mood for some ice cream, plus i had a coupon ;) I was browsing the selections of Ben and Jerry and the Red Velvet cake ice cream caught my eye (but i was still a little skeptical) annnnd  I'm not one for tying new things very often, when i find something i like i stick with it- I'm very loyal :P  But this particular day i decided to be adventurous - so to say.  And i have to tell you it was the best decision ever ...if you never tried this flavor of ice cream before YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Oh my goodness my official new favorite.....move over cookie dough ice cream you are now officially #2  ice cream list! so I'm just sayin.....if you haven't tried's definitely worth a try!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Check out the amazing giveway at tatertots and jello! RIGHT HERE!!
I would love to win this - practically a dream gift right there! So go and enter there many ways to enter so you can have more than 1 chance to win! Good luck!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

There back!

Puff quilts Galore!!!! Go check out my shop and see them HERE
These quilts i will openly admit are ADDICTIVE to make once i make one i come up with another idea for one and then another and another and another....but i can't make everything at once. I currently have another quilt in the works so keep your eyes open for it! anyways here a sneak peak of what in the shop and look for more pacifier bibs coming soon!!!!

I love the colors on this quilt so bright and happy!!!
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