Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jetty Island

So if you live on the western side of Washington or have ever visited this side of the state you have probably heard about or been to the amazing jetty island!
If not your missing out!

Ever since we moved here and as the weather got warmer i would hear people talk and talk about jetty island, the water, the sand, the kites, the seagulls stealing your food -  it sounded like so much fun!
So much hype making me want to go even more!

Hailey has been asking to go to the beach forever!

Well we finally got our turn to go and it did not disappoint!
you take a 2 minute free ferry ride over to the island.

Jetty Island is a 2 mile man made beach, and has shallow warm water for quiet a ways!
I can't say enough about how fun it was it except that i want to go back again before the summer is over!

Can you see the excitement?
Check out this seagull who didn't have any trouble stealing some snacks right out of someone's bag!

The water was perfect!

Somehow along the way Hailey grew a sand mustache and goatee...haha

Shane and Anna building a sand.....mountain?

After a few hours we had to head back to the ferry to go home.
See you later you beautiful island i can't wait to come back again!

She's already asking to go back!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seattle Art Museum

Would you like to hear about our latest Seattle adventure?
If not feel free to skip this post!
We went to the Seattle Art Museum with our friend Anna - and it was awesome!
So here we go on a little picture tour of some of favorites, and it was so hard to narrow it down!

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking. 

Here's the outside - see the guy in the black? His arm was moving up and down and Hailey totally loved that!


Playing around.

The mural's were one of my favorite things there!

Another one.

Art stop.

I loved that throughout the museum which was 4 levels they had play areas for kids.
Hailey loved the tea set!

Loved the Kimonos

Yes my other favorite was the tea set room!

What's a museum without some paintings?

And the best for last...i really like this last painting!

The End of the Day
Painted By: William Sergeant Kendall

The Painting depicts the artist’s wife, Margaret, who reads a bedtime story to the couple’s young darughter, Elisabeth. The parental joy that the Kendalls obviously felt with the birth of their first child inspired what would become the artist’s favorite theme, mother and child.

So there you have it my favorites (in a nutshell) of the Seattle Art Museum
Have you ever been to an Art Museum?


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nursing Cover Tutorial

Hi everyone!
It sure has been awhile since I've done a tutorial, I've kind of been off my game lately.
But here is a good one!
My sister Allison, is pregnant with her first baby (my 2nd nephew!) and since it is a boy she decided to go with a  John Deere theme (you should see the baby's nursery it's amazing!) I decided I'd make her a couple things. 
I first made her a car seat cover which you can find the tutorial for HERE I used to make and sell tons of these!

Next project i started was a nursing cover.
For those of you who have never made one before it's super easy! 
I used to make and sell these too, i really should open up my etsy shop again!

First i bought some fabric
14" piece of Boning (I got it at Joann's)

Next i cut a big piece of fabric 27"X38"

Then two smaller pieces one 3"X10" and the other one 3"X25"

I folded them in half right sides together and then sewed down the long side

Next i turned them right side out and ironed them flat.
I took the short piece and i ironed over 1/4" of one end and slipped both the d-rings on.

Then folded it over again, pinned to secure and then sewed it down.

For the longer piece i just folded it over a 1/4" once and then again and sewed it down.

Next i started on the large piece of fabric starting at the bottom, by folding up a 1/2" and ironing and then folding up another 1/2" and ironing to make a hem then i sewed all the way across.

I did the same for the sides as well

For the top i folded over and ironed down a 1/4" and then i folded it over 1/2" and ironed it down flat.

Then i folded the whole thing in half to find the center of the fabric, measured 7" from the center and marked it with pins on both sides of the fabric

Can you see the yellow pins when you open back up the fabric? It's 7" between the yellow pins.

Then i sewed a straight stitch between the pins

Slipped in the boning having it curve up toward me.

See how the boning makes the wrong side of the fabric curve toward me?

Then I did a straight stitch up the end of the boning to secure it.

I added my first strap right next to where the boning ended and i just slipped it up under the hem i had ironed

And flipped it up and pinned it, do the same for the other strap on the other side. 
Sew  down the strap and then finish sewing from your strap to the edge.

And Wa-La! there you have it. The easiest nursing cover to sew ever!

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