Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter 2013
What a great Easter!
Probably the Best one ever!
But then again i say that every year!
Be ready for a picture overload all my 
and any other bloggers who stop by my little space.

On SATURDAY morning we headed to a local Easter egg hunt
we literally got there when they said
so we ran Hailey down just in time!

Who's egg will it be?
I think Hailey had the quicker hand ;)

Checking out the fire truck on the way out.
They had a lot of stuff to do at the Easter egg hunt but there were hundreds of people there and since we came late we didn't feel like standing in a long line of 50+ people so Hailey could jump in a bounce house for 5 minutes.
So instead we headed to the zoo for another
Easter egg Hunt!
It was a beautiful day!
so we stayed and looked at the animals too.
By the end of the after noon my feet were killing me!
But i do love the zoo!
Riding the merry go round .
Doesn't every zoo have one of these?
This girl has always loved the merry go round! 
So by the time we got home from the zoo it was pretty late so we called it a day.
On Sunday morning i attempted to make bunny cinnamon rolls
i think it was  a bit of a failure.
We had church at 9am so it didn't leave much time to do anything in the morning except 1 thing.

To plant some candy!
jelly beans to be exact
(found this idea on pinterest)
She was pretty stoked to plant some jelly beans
and was so excited that only 3 hours later (when we got back from church
they had grown into
Lolly pops!
Can you see the excitement?!
I had to make sure she knew that you can only grow candy on 
(i really wanted to do it the night before Easter but you know things happen)
Anyways she loved it!

Inside the house the  'easter bunny' had already arrived.
And decided to stay ;)

After lunch we went over the Easter story with Hailey using 
idea,this is our second year doing the 12 days of Easter.
To better help Hailey understand the Easter story we also did
'Resurrection Rolls'
Loved.Loved. Loved. this idea  
I think we found a new tradition ;)
(they also tasted amazing which was a plus!)
Hailey got to decorate eggs for the first time too.
I might just have a little egg artist on my hands.

For dinner we didn't do anything big or special i just made THIS which i absolutely Love!

And then we ended the day with watching the 'Easter Beagel'
Such a cute show,Hailey had never seen it before and really liked it!

So a great Easter this year, can't wait to see what we come up with next year!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Eggs

So before Easter i saw a pin for 
"marbleized" eggs
I haven't dyed Easter eggs since i was a kid
but i just had to give these a try.

I used:
Shaving cream
Boiled Eggs
Baking sheet lined with foil (for easy cleanup)
Paper Towels

 I sprayed some shaving cream on the foil and put some drops of dye on it.

Next i used the toothpick to swirl it around.

Then i took my egg and rolled it around in the shaving cream using a spoon

After that i dropped it on a plate to sit for 4 minutes.
When the time was up i wiped off all the shaving cream with the paper towels

And got some pretty marbleized eggs!
What do you think?
I love how they turned out!

Super fun way to dye eggs and i might just have to add it to my Easter "traditions" list
Hailey also had fun coloring eggs too.
(the four on the left)

SO have you ever made marbleized Easter eggs?

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