Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Hi everyone!
Happy weekend! 
Hope you are able to do something fun! 
We've been in the process of moving all week long - it's been stressful to say the least!
Thankfully it's almost over,and i can put this whole week behind me and not have to move again for a very long time!!
Also a BIG WELCOME to my new followers or those who are checking out my blog for the first time!!
Today i thought i'd just keep it simple and share some photos taken from my phone over the last few months.
The beautiful marina...looks like it could be a picture on a calendar....or maybe a puzzle

How can a family of ducks not make you smile?
Cutest little family ever.
It was so fun watching this boat get moved.
Drinking juice from the carton?!?!?!
The things that go on when mom's away!
Soft and cuddly 
Doing a little work to hopefully open up the ole etsy shop again!
I'm not sure how many of my siblings read this blog.
But on my walk one day i saw this.
The "Blue Line"
brought back so many memories of growing up.

I LOVE cupcakes

 Candy land my daughter's favorite game
.....the game has to get lost one of these days.
I think i can play it with my eyes closed.

One day my husband brought home flowers
I love "just because i love you" flowers

She finally got a tea set.....and she was SO happy!
Who loves my fabric curtains?
Just kidding.
But i do have an idea for some cute curtains!

Well that's all i got this weekend....
Have a great rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Petticoat Tutorial

It sure has been awhile since I posted a sewing tutorial.
I think it's time to break the dry spell.
Here is a really simple and quick tutorial.


This may seem strange but for some reason i have always wanted to get my daughter a petticoat to give some of her dresses a little more "pouf"
(you know all those sad limp ones in the closet?)

But if you know me buying one is usually out of the question if i can sew one!
I just wanted something quick and simple i could make and so i made this up.

 Here is the quick tutorial to make the Petticoat  pictured below.

First i took my daughter's measurement around her waist and then the length i wanted the petticoat to be,which is a little shorter than the dress she was going to wear.

Then i got some white fabric and some netting.


I cut my fabric twice the waist measurement by the the length 
(adding a couple inches for the waist and hem)
Which ended up being 40"x12"

Next i folded over the bottom hem once and then again and sewed it down to make my hem.

Then i measured my netting.
5 1/2" x the length of the netting

I sewed a long gathering stitch on the long end of the netting .
Then I gathered the netting to be the length of my white fabric

I pinned it down to the white fabric.
I let my netting hang just a little longer than the white fabric.
And then I sewed it down in place.

I trimmed a little of the extra netting after sewing.

For the top of the fabric i sewed a simple casing for the elastic.

Then threaded my elastic through the casing.
(Elastic was the measurement of my daughters waist)
Once i got the elastic all the way through i stitched down the ends of the elastic on both sides.

Last step was to fold the skirt right sides together and sew down the last side.
And there you have it!

Cute little petticoat.

Looks a little wacky right?

But just you wait.......
It will make this sad looking dress


I Love the fullness it gives the dress!

I know this petticoat will also come in handy for a costume I'm making for Hailey too!
More on that later!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day Part 2

So this is kind of a scattered post and i first need to point out that all of the pictures were taken with my phone,
because i didn't think I'd need my camera that day...Boy was i wrong!
If only i could  of known what fun things were in store for us that day.

the LG ENV3
I have an old phone
and once it croaks
It will be a happy day.

Moving on......

On Monday (labor day)

We headed out early planning to pick up an amazing craigslist find 
(that was all we had planned for the day)
On the way we stopped by walmart and took a little walk around to kill time.
oh and we picked up this little beauty...not the cute girl but the pink ball ;)

Then we continued on our way to pick up this little beauty,battery powered little 4-wheeler
that i still can't believe we fit into our car.....the FRONT seat of the car.
Yes we were getting the stares
But it was totally worth it!

On the way home we spotted this little park
and decided to stop
I don't know why but i LOVE parks
And that see-saw was so much fun!
Hailey especially loved the climbing walls.

After the park we thought we were headed home.
That was until we saw the sign for the Fair.
Shawn asked if i wanted to stop.
Oh, my goodness it was awesome, i haven't been to the fair in years!
And even though it was the last day of it we had fun.

Unfortunately (like i said above) i didn't bring my camera because i thought when the day started we were only going to pick up the 4-wheeler.
So all these pictures are from my phone.
i have to brag a little when i see these pics because i think my little phone did a pretty good job!

First stop tickets.

Read for fun.

We let Hailey play this little game 
and she won a purple elephant.
most expensive elephant I've ever bought.
but it has become her new favorite stuffed animal.

Shaved ice
half pineapple
half strawberry daiquiri

Hailey loved the slide

She pretty much loved all the rides and wanted to go on every single one! 
We let her go on quiet a few
and sadly couldn't capture every moment.
She had a blast.

What a labor day!
What did you do for Labor Day?


Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunny Labor Day (part 1 )

We had a great Labor Day
That i can remember.
We started by meeting up with one of my husband's college friends and his family.
We hit up the children's museum first.
It was a hit with the kids - is that surprising?
I think not.

Cutest baby ever!
I think she really liked me  ;)
After the museum we went and had pizza for lunch.
And then we rushed to catch the ferry over to 
Jetty Island.
And it did not disappoint.

It was gorgeous as usual.

I love this family!

Hailey was so not liking her picture being taken she was just having so much fun. 
She kept getting annoyed when i told her to smile.

This cutie was so sad to leave.
Over all it was such a fun day being able to hang out with such great friends.
How was your labor day weekend?
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