Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Craft

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! 
One of my Very favorite holiday's!
I really thought this month i would be able to be more crafty with Hailey i even did some pinning on my Pinterst 'Thanksgiving' board.
Oh well i can try again next year!

The other day i helped her make this cute little turkey.
I think this would even be a fun craft on Thanksgiving if you have all the supplies which aren't much!

We already had all the supplies so it was super simple.
Construction Paper
Toilet paper roll
Google eyes

First we cut out some brown paper to glue around the toilet paper roll

She did a a great job cutting out feathers.

Because i had them around we added some feathers to it as well.
Glued those to the back of the paper roll.

Don't forget the eyes!
and those dancing feet!


Here's to simple but cute, on a cold rainy day!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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