Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Storage Box

This is feeling like a trash to treasure day, but only because I’ve seem to keep finding empty boxes around my house, and I'm not sure where there coming from……..but what’s better than turning an empty box into something cute?
Here’s what I made and here’s the how to…. 

What you’ll need:
An empty box doesn’t matter what size
 glue gun
sewing machine
2 fabrics one for the outside and one for the liner

First cut the sides of your box on the corners - this will be your pattern

Then take the fabric that your going to use for the outside and trace around the box, I added and extra ½”  on each side for my seam allowance, then cut it out.  

Next cut out the fabric your using for the liner,I used the piece of fabric I just cut out as a guide, and also added on an extra inch on each side.

I hope this next part is not to confusing to's easy..just not easy to explain!
So your going to go ahead an sew the sides of your fabric, right sides together, pinning 1/2” from the edge. Once you’ve sewn all the sides  you have a fabric cover(it looks kind of  like a limp fabric box) that fits nicely around your cardboard box.
( I sewed the liner fabric pinning the same way I did the outer fabric except sewing with a ¼” seam allowance,because you want it to fit loosely inside the box.)

I'm not sure if this is helpful but i put different colored lines, on each corner to show where you'll be sewing right sides together.

Right sides together

Pin half an inch from the edge

Corners together.

Then you will take the lining piece of fabric and we are going to make a casing for the elastic,(the elastic will help hold it around the box) so go ahead and iron down ¼” from the top all the way around then   fold it over again ½” and iron. After ironing Pin and then sew leaving an opening for the elastic.

Once I finished sewing I fed my elastic (through the opening I left) with a safety pin I ended up using 46” of elastic, but it will vary depending on how big your box is.

After you go all the way through with your elastic, zig-zag the ends of the elastic and trim them if needed and sew close the opening.

Next go ahead and tape up the sides of your box –to make it a box again, I also trimmed the cover of the box (I had originally cut it off) and placed it on the bottom of the box to make it a little sturdier ;)

Go ahead and place the cover you sewed  around the outside of the box  and then fire up the glue gun. Your going to take the top (raw edge) of the fabric folding it over onto the inside of the box and gluing it down as you go. make sure to pull kind of tight but make sure it’s even on all side.

After gluing it should look like this.

Place liner inside box.

I also made a quick fabric flower for the front of the box, just to dress it up a bit but its optional

And your done!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ribbon rose

Here is probably the quickest most easy ribbon rose you'll ever make! Alot of people make fabric roses, but i like to use ribbon because it gives the rose a really neat clean look, there is pretty much no fray except on the ends of the ribbon which won't show at all.

Here is what you'll need!

Hot glue gun 
Ribbon (i used 7/8 inch)

First cut a circle out of your felt however big you want the flower to be,then knot the end of your ribbon. 

Glue the knot to the middle of your circle. 

Start twisting your ribbon 

glue around your knot and then place the twisted ribbon where you glued.

Continue twisting and gluing until you go all the way around and the felt is not showing - and your done!

If you want you can glue a clip to the back or make it a headband....there's so many options!!

Then have fun putting putting together different looks!

 I usually like to add pearls, feathers or buttons to make it look a little different

 This one is going to be a headband!

Have Fun!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tutorial: Make your own Bias Tape!

What a short weekend filled with many things to do, but even with how busy it gets i always seem to be able to squeeze in a little time for sewing, i also made time to go through my fabric stash and organize (who  knows how long that reorganization will last) anyways while i was going through my fabric stash i found alot of fabrics i forgot about.......and below is what i whipped up real quick from some "forgotten fabric" not bad? ...i think I'll need to add some ruffles somewhere....what do you think?

I don't know what it is but i just LOVE making clothes for my daughter!

Also while looking through the stash i came across a lot of  this fabric 
and the first thing that popped into my head was that i needed to make some bias tape! If you've never made bias tape before it is super easy -and in my opinion can save alot of money!

So here we go.... my version of how to make bias tape here's what you'll need.

A rectangle piece of fabric

First lay your fabric out 

Then fold one corner of the fabric up creating a triangle 

Cut the triangle and place it on the opposite end.

Place the fabric right sides together and sew to create a parallelogram.

It should look like this - if you want you could just cut a trapezoid shape out of fabric but i think this method is easier with less cleanup :)

 Next you will need to decide how thick you want your tape to be in the end, and then multiply it by 4 and this will help determine how wide your strips will be. I wanted to have it 1/2 inch in the end,so i made my strips 2 inches wide.

2 hours not really....but here is all the strips cut nice an pretty

When sewing the strips place right sides together,and then sew across where the 2 fabrics meet. 

Next unfold the strip,iron the seam and trim the excess threads and fabric, and then repeat until you have one long strip.

Next you will iron it in half to make a middle line unfold then fold up the edges to that line and iron again.Then you'll re-fold it again at the center line and iron - this makes your bias tape 4 layers thick.  

I love homemade bias tape! And i know i will be making alot more in the future!

 Here i used it - say hello to reversible bib,this is one side

Here's the other side! 

There is just so many options!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skirt to Dress Re-Fashion!!

First i want to say Welcome and Thanks to all my new followers and for everyone that has left me such sweet comments! I honestly feel like i have made SO many amazing friends,which makes blogging so worth it! I  can't thank you enough!


So are you ready to start sewing? ready for a really easy re-fashion? This project has been on my mind for so long and i finally did it -once again successfully during the munchkin's nap time!

A shirt of your child's that is to small
One of your old skirts (and believe me this skirt has been screaming to be turned into a cute dress!)

First try the shirt on your little one to see where you'd like the empire waist to hit,then add 1/2 an inch for the seam allowance.

Then you'll need to decide how long you’d like the dress to be and cut off enough of the skirt to make the dress long enough and another 1/2 inch for a seam allowance,then cut.

Then you will sew a long gathering stitch - i did it a 1/4 inch from the top of the skirt all the way around.Leave long threads to pull so that you can gather the skirt.

Gather until the length is the same as the end of the shirt.

Place the Skirt and the shirt right sides together.

Pin and then sew 1/2 inch down from the top.

Turn right side out and wa-la! look what you made! come on how easy was that?!

This next step is totally optional
If you'd like to make a tie to go around the dress, then cut long strips from the remaining fabric an inch or 2 wide.

Next i ironed the piece in half,see the line?

Then fold in fabric from top and bottom (as pictured) to the middle line and iron

Then fold it in half again and iron.

Next place and pin your tie, i put pins where i wanted to sew,you'll be sewing the top and bottom of the tie. Go ahead and sew the tie down just across the front of the dress. 
And then your done!

After finishing I decided to make the dress a little more girly so i made some ruffles by cutting 3 long strips from the remaining part of the shirt(remember that part you saved earlier?) Then i stitched a long gathering stitch across the top of those pieces,gathered and placed them where i wanted around the neckline and sewed them down one at a time.
Ruffles really does give it that perfect touch!

Last but not least don't forget to enjoy watching your girl twirl,spin and love what you made!
(this picture was taken before i decided to do ruffles but it's still cute!)

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