Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun Friday Finds

Just a few things that caught my eye this week!
What treasures have you come across this week?

I made this earlier this week and it was a keeper!
So good!
You can never go wrong with pretty dishes!

Love the beach, sadly  i didn't get a chance to go to my favorite beach
 because this summer has been
busier than i thought it would be,
but I'd do anything to be there right now!
I love a quick easy up do and this one has been one of my favorite go to styles!

This wreath really caught my eye with the gold
can't wait to give it a try!

As much as i don't want summer to end
(and a pretty lame summer we've had)
Fall is just around the corner and it's looking cute!


Oh my goodness in love with the gold  polka dot wall
get the how to below!

Yellow and chevron
does it get any better than that?
Even though i don't wear yellow
I'm loving it every bit of this bed set!

Last but not least 
totally loving this little beauty!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Summer........

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to all of you out there who are new to my blog or visiting for the first time!
I love that your here!
So how's your summer been?
It's been pretty apparent that I've been a big slacker this summer when it comes to the blog.
But good news is 
things are slowing down a little 
for now!
I've had a ton of pictures all over the desktop of my computer from things we've done 
so i decided it was time to get this summer of pictures in order!
Beware this is a very long post  of pictures!
( but i know the family will enjoy it)

So here goes our summer in pictures.
 In no particular order here is
'This Summer'
(a mumble jumble of pictures and words)

This Summer..... 
Hailey took soccer lessons for the first time 
and Loved it!

This Summer.....
Hailey begged me to take swim lessons.
I wasn't sure if she was ready.
But did she prove me wrong or what?
That kid is a fish!

 This Summer...... 
I got a SWEET deal on a 2 week
'Princess Dance Camp'
(thank you living social)
She had lots of fun dressing up as a different princess each day and learning a new dance.
So stinkin cute!
I was sad when it was over

I see dance classes in our future!

This Summer......
We soaked up every bit of warm and sunny weather that we could.
It's pretty nice we're within walking distance of the park.

This Summer....
We were given a sandbox and it's resulted in hours of fun this summer!

 This Summer......
The chalk was one of our best friends-no joke.

This Summer....
Little Mr.O got a brand new water table for his birthday
and believe me this thing hasn't gotten boring once this summer!

This Summer.......
We made homemade Popsicles together.
 And they were oh so good!

 .......but we made sure to sneak in some Otter Pops too.
because what kind of summer is it if you don't have otter pops?

This Summer.....
Mommy became a bit of a health nut,which resulted 
in drinking lots of healthy green smoothies.

This summer......
We made lots of trips down to Seattle to visit
Farmers Markets
Zoo etc.

This Summer.....
Hailey got to hang out with one of her all time best friends

These 2 are so cute together!

This Summer....
Somebody had a birthday at
Chuck e Cheese.
(not hailey)

Hailey has ALWAYS wanted to go to Chuck e Cheese 
so when her friend decided to have her party there
Hailey was over the moon!
And in her words
'Mom this is the best birthday party EVER!'

This Summer.....
Somebody else also had a birthday.
Last year of the twenties - let's make it a good one!

This Summer.....
My baby turned 4
I still can't believe how fast she's growing up.
I feel so blessed to be her Mommy.

This Summer....
We took a road trip to 
For the first ever
Skinner Family Reunion.

Hailey loved being able to spend time with the 
all her aunts,uncles and cousins.

It was a very memorable trip!

This Summer....
We went to
But it's ok we don't eat this way everyday!

This Summer.....
I learned how to make homemade Verde Salsa
So good!
where are the chips?

 This Summer....
I went to my first
Roller Derby
It was.......interesting.

 This Summer.....
When the weather was misbehaving and gave us rain
we got to find lots of ways to keep busy inside.
But i'll spare you the long list of those activites!

This Summer....
we made new friends at the park,
new friends with fun toys!

This Summer.....
She was my little helper at the store.
You mean i don't have to push a heavy cart?!
Sign me up!

This Summer.....
We've met more new friends through lots of fun playdates!
(and more playdates to come)

I feel exhausted all over again just going through those pictures!
But sure had a
Makes me sad that all the summer fun is about to end.
(we may or may not squeeze in a few more fun things these next 2 weeks!)

What do we have to look forward to next?
This new adventure beings in just a couple weeks!
Hope you all had/are having a fun filled summer!
We sure did!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Raised Salt Painting

Hi Everyone!
Hope your all having a fun summer!

 Here's a fun craft we just discovered
Raised Salt Painting!
Has anyone else tried this?
Here's What  You'll Need:
Watercolor Paints
Card stock or Paper

First squeeze out the glue in any design you want.
Then cover the glue with salt - be generous you don't want to skimp on this part!
After that shake off the excess salt into a bowl so that you can use it on the next  picture

Next the fun begins!

Dip your paintbrush into some water and then the paint and then put a drop of paint on one spot.
(you don't need to actually brush it on)
Then watch as the paint 'magically' runs along the line of salt!

She loved it!
And liked watching the different colors chase each other.

Tip: instead of liquid water colors,you cold use some water that has been colored with food coloring.
An eye dropper could be substituted for the paintbrush.

I can see us doing this one a lot more in the near future!

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