Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Christmas Trees

This year i decided to gussy up my mantel and make it look all pretty for the Christmas season.
So i made some silver/white Christmas trees.
Which i should of made 2 years ago...but better late than never right?
(I also made the blocks in the middle but that will be for another post)
There easy to make and very inexpensive as well,
there are so many ways you could decorate them!
But here is how i did mine.

First i gathered my supplies to make the trees, I actually used an old cereal box to create some Christmas trees.
The foam trees I've had for years....literally
They've been waiting for me to do this project for a long time!

After making the trees comes the fun part

So  I warmed up the ole glue gun and started gluing.
First tree up
Tinsel Tree
ahhh beautiful!

 Tree #2
Bead Tree.....

Then for trees #3,4 and 5 
I did  a lace tree with beads (i really like how that one turned out)
A yarn tree with some sparkle.
And another lace tree.

After i finished gluing i put them all together for a group picture.
I can't believe it took me 2 years to do this project.

I really love the outcome.

Have you made any holiday decorations this year?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the Season To Sew.....

So over the last month I've been doing a little sewing.
actually a lot of sewing.
I'm not going to talk....or type but let the pictures doing the talking....

Well most of the talking  ;)

Words can't describe this first dress.
I love it.

First name that came to my mind when i saw this dress 
"school girl dress"

Love the lace detail

Springtime dress

Miss Fancy Nancy

How can you go wrong with polka dots?
and a pop of red.

So who thinks i should go into business?
Just kidding!
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