Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Tote

Here is a DIY tote i made the other day I knew it was about time i made a new bag just for everyday uses, and this little beauty is what i came up with! And look there's no ruffles!

Here's What I Used:
Striped Fabric for Lining
White fabric for outside
Material for handles (which i got at joanns)

For the outside design i used 4 different shades of felt

I first cut out a leaf shaped pattern from paper and used that as my guide to cut the colored fabric

Next i cut out the size i wanted for my bag out of the lining fabric,I made mine 16"x18" Then i sewed 3 sides (right sides together) down - across the bottom - and then up the other side.

Next i measured 2" down and made my box corners - if you've never done box corners here is a website that could help HERE because I'm sure I'd be less than helpful trying to explain it!

I then cut out the 2 pieces for the outside of the bag (same size as the lining) and played around with what design i wanted on the front of the bag when i found what i liked i pinned each one in place and sewed them down.

Next i placed the other white piece of fabric over the design i just finished sewing down and sewed 3 sides and made my box corners just like i did for the lining piece.

I then cut the length i wanted for my handles and pinned them onto the wrong side of the outside piece of the bag, then placing the lining inside the outside piece of the bag (so that both right sides of the lining and outside were facing each other) i pinned the top and sewed around it leaving a hole to turn in right side out. (also make sure your handle pieces are inside the bag while your sewing around the edge. 

Wow i hope that didn't sound to confusing, I'm not the best at explaining how to do things, that's why i usually have a lot of pictures, but your seriously just sewing  a basic tote!

Once you turn it right sides out, iron it and then sew a top stitch all the way around the top to close the opening you used to turn it right side out. Ok I'm going to stop talking/writing now...and just let you enjoy the pictures!


Ta-da! reversible!

Gives me hope for spring/summer!
Have Fun!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ruffles Part 2

So are you tired of my ruffle skirts yet? I'm sure not....not yet at least. This is really similar to a skirt i've made before.

So you may remember these ruffles i showed you from a couple weeks ago i cut off two layers of ruffles and........

Made this ruffle shirt,you can check it out HERE

Well what did i do with the remaining ruffles? take a wild guess! yep i made ruffle skirt another one. First i sewed a basting stitch at the very top of these ruffles

Cut the elastic to my daughters waist size

Gathered the ruffles and sewed that elastic right on top! 

Folded it right sides together and sewed up the side.

And there you have it the world's easiest ruffle skirt

She likes it too!

I also had a little fun and had her wear the ruffle top and the ruffle skirt together and it made a cute little dress!
Don't worry i do have some new projects up my sleeve which are not ruffle skirts, coming soon!
Have Fun!
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