Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Challenge

I found this on Pinterest the other week and I'm going to give it try! I'm no photographer i don't have a fancy camera, but it should still be fun! 

Who's with me?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ruffle Skirt Part 2

So you remember this skirt i made? If not check it out HERE

So here is part TWO it's a wrap that buttons around the skirt.....maybe to keep the skirt a little cleaner or just to make it even cuter? I'll let you decide

First i took the ruffle skirt and sewed a button the right side of the waistline

Next i made my own pattern for the wrap it looked like this,as simple as this shape looks it was alot harder than you think to make! So i suggest if you plan on making one...make it similar to this shape, and then trim as you need to make it fit your child.

I then cut out 2 of my pattern piece and sewed them right sides together leaving an opening at the top for turning it, once i turned it i ironed it and then topstiched around the whole thing (sewing closed the opening)

Next i sewed a buttonhole on the left upper corner

Then i place the skirt on the wrap and buttoned it to make sure i had it where i wanted it

Then i made 2 more buttonholes on the right side

Lined up and sewed the buttons 

And there you got it!

So cute.

There is SO many possibilities for this wrap and so many different kinds of fabric you could use to make it! I know I'm still having fun experimenting!

Here's a couple more i made as you can tell - I'm probably obsessed with making them!

Love the light pink for spring!

This one brings back great memories of a skirt i made Hailey last year that looks similar but that i no longer have.

Another favorite

Well that's all!

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun in Seattle

What's better than going on a day trip on the drop of a dime? No planning, no stressing just going. That's what we did today. We made our first trip down to Seattle to Pike Place Market ( probably a 30 minute drive from us) to do a little sight seeing, with on of my husband's work buddies.

Let me have the pictures do the talking,i don't feel like we even scratched the surface and im sure we will be making alot more trips down there!

Pikes Place Market Hundreds of shops waiting to be explored!

I thought this was a creative ornament 

Yep, we're pretty cheap.....we might need this book!

Pretty cool globe

I Spy spider man.....do you?

Giant gummy bear made out of gummy bears

The golden pig...that eats coins...

I've never read this book but it instantly made me think of ..............

.........this episode of Gilmore girls....for those of you who have seen Gilmore Girls.

Sugar time....whats better than mini doughnuts? 

Next we headed down to the pier...hellooo spirit of seattle!

That ferry was sure busy today

Hailey however had her eye on the bird....

yes this one

Seattle Mariners stadium...apparently today was there opening day....? and there was activities going on in the stadium but we didn't have time to go over there.

Seattle Aquarium....can't wait to go back to that one!

There goes the umbrella!

The Chocolate Factory,probably one of my favorite stops along the way.

Ready for sugar overload?

Fancy Marshmallows

And not to spoil this amazingly fun day.....on our way out we stopped by the gum wall -they say it's the 2nd wall in the united states that has the most germs. YUCK! and it was very popular today. 

Our friend Dustin decided he'd add a piece to the wall too.


After 5 hours of walking around ....we were tuckered out...and decided to call it quits and head home

I can't wait to go back and explore some more of Seattle! 

Do any of my readers live in the Seattle area? if so what are your favorite things to do in the area?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun at the Library

I don't have a car most days,(which I'm used to) i'll usually just get my jogging stroller out and run wherever i want to go.  Unfortunately we didn't get to bring the jogging stroller just the umbrella stroller, but that doesn't stop me an little Hailey from getting out and walking everywhere!

Today we walked down to the library, and what an awesome library we have here! We didn't even get to go through all of it, but spent a good chunk of time there. I'm sure it will end up being our 2nd home especially since it's 5 minutes away -when you walk.

First time I've seen a fish tank in a library but it sure did have some cool fish! 

Aside from all the book they had some nice learning toys as well! 

These things are so cool!

Sometimes i just love kids toys.....umm children's learning toys there so fun!

As you can tell this one was a hit!

More fun learning toys

Love the stained glass sign

Books, books, books hailey and i were in book heaven im really glad she loves Books! (we haven't been to a library in awhile!)

They even had a dollhouse.

 We can't wait to go back!

So do your kids like going to the library?

Have a fun weekend!

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