Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Holiday Dress

This year i decided to make Hailey a 
Holiday Dress
I've never made her one before so it was a first and definitely not a last!
While i was at Joann's i saw this fabric and it really caught my eye.
And even thought it was screaming as loud as it could at me to buy it - i walked past it.
I didn't forget about.......
So eventually i had to go back because i had the perfect idea of what i wanted to make.
But ended up making something completely different!
Haha my crazy brain.
So here's what i did.
It's a very simple design
nothing fancy.
And I even was able to sew a Zipper(my first zipper) on the back!
Go ME!!
The bodice is a  simple pattern i made up.
And is also lined on the inside.
Basic sash
So that's the dress.
Next i made a little fur coat to go with it using a free pattern i got
It was super simple to make and really didn't take that long either!

There you go!
I think I'm safe to say she loves it.
Have you/ have you ever made a Holiday dress?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Softest Blanket Ever

My husband has been bugging,nagging,wanting me to make him some sort of a blanket.
Why didn't i do it sooner?
Not sure,because it's been the easiest thing i've ever made..haha
But It could be that lots of other cuter projects come up :D

But the day finally came that he was actually at Joann's with me.
And it happened.
So what do you get when you put Minky and Fleece together?

THE most amazing and softest blanket EVER!

I don't think a tutorial is really necessary for this one because all i did was 
1) cut the fabric the size i wanted
2) pinned them right sides together and sewed all the way around leaving an opening for turning it.
3) turned it and sewed a seam all the way around (to close the opening)
And then I was done....
That took 20 minutes?
maybe 30
All i know is that it took me 5 years to make it.

Hailey was really excited when i finished and thought that it was "her" cuddle blanket


But I'm sure Daddy will share with you!
SO if your a beginner to sewing
this is totally the project for you!
And it could make a wonderful gift!
What easy projects have you sewn lately?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cloud Dough

So how's your week going so far?
We continue to enjoy the fall colors.
I don't care what anyone thinks about WA and all the rain we may get.
The Fall is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Beside enjoying the beautiful fall colors
we also enjoyed these baby toes too!

Ok onto
 Cloud Dough
Super simple to make.
(great rainy day activity)
all you need is:
Baby Oil
a bowl or container to mix it in

 And some fun things to use in the cloud dough after you make it
I didn't have much around

First dump 4 cups of flour into your container

Then mix in 1/2 cup of baby oil
and mix and mix and mix

Then your done!
It might be kind of crumbly when you first mix it
But keep mixing we used our hands to combine it and it was a lot better.

WoooHooooo for lots of fun.
She was at this for a long time

You gotta love the simple things that make em' happy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Something Sweet

This weekend i was craving something sweet -but not to sweet.
So i made this sweet cereal mix.
Let's just say it hit the spot.
It's SO good....actually it's SO addicting.
(at least for me)
If you want to check out the recipe you can find it 


Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Fun & Halloween

One Saturday we went out on our way to look at a new couch.
But little did we know........
That we would end up at the
 U-Pick Pumpkin Patch!
Such a fun thing to stumble upon on our way!
Believe me Hailey couldn't have been more excited!
(and of course i forgot my camera so these are from my phone,from now on my camera lives in the car!)

What's a pumpkin patch without a mini farmers market and Fresh produce?
LOVE it!!
On a  random note...
we spotted this very festive horse on the way home.
On Halloween we went to a couple trunk-or-treats
and then the real fun began!

Minnie Mouse and Elvis
Hailey LOVED trick-or treating door to door.
It was so fun to watch her in action!
She could of done it all night!

 And in the end we came home with a bucket full of candy - more than I expected!
Which we haven't touched.

Not sure what will happen to all that candy because we are NOT going to eat it all!
How was your Halloween?

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